Call ABC Property Care when you want to landscape for curb appeal. When passers-by view your front yard from the street matters when you are putting your home up for sale. Adding curb appeal to your house will make it easier to sell and gives it a finished look you can take pride in. Improving your home's curb appeal has certain aesthetic and financial benefits. The value of your property increases with professional landscaping. When it is time to sell your home, you can recoup up to 200 per cen

Municipal, Commercial and Residential 


With ABC Property Care, your yard, estate, company, town or city offices can look clean and cared for year round. If you own a commercial property, make a favorable first impression when your grounds are neat and cared for. When your mulch is fresh, the trees are pruned, and the lawn is trimmed, your meticulously landscaped property tells the world you are responsible and organized.

ABC Propert

ABC Property Care LLC offers complete landscaping services, from grounds maintenance to lawn care and more. For weeding, mulching, raking, mowing, pruning and cleanups on a private, commercial or municipal scale, consult with ABC Property Care. Your lawn and grounds will be looking neat and cared for with the help of our professional landscaping team. Our lawn care services include grass mowing, trimming, lawn dethatching, grass seed planting, sod installation, weed control, and raking. We in

As full service landscapers, ABC Property Care LLC are experts at landscaping with retaining walls. A retaining wall is a practical method of controlling erosion and a feature that can be built for a beautiful border garden feature. A sturdy retaining wall can become the centerpiece of your property in the hands of an experienced contractor. You can choose from hundreds of different combinations of colors and wall materials. If you prefer a rustic look, field stone or blue stone might be among y

A wonderful way to personalize your property is landscaping with hardscapes. ABC Property Care is central and eastern Connecticut's source for professional landscaping services. We transform residential, commercial and industrial  properties with quality hardscape structures. ABC Property Care  builds custom designed hardscapes, walkways, driveways, and structures that will lend a distinctive quality to your grounds. We improve the appearance and fun

ABC Property Care LLC provides municipal, commercial and residential landscaping services in the greater Tolland County area. We professionally manage your property throughout the year. We offer grounds maintenance, raking, leaf removal, lawn seeding, lawn care, mulching, trimming, tree pruning, yard cleanups, weed control, lawn mowing and much more. Your lawn and grounds will be looking neat and cared for with the help of our professionals.

ABC Property Care is a professional company